SBF 110 Rules for fire alarm

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SBF 110:8 is a revision of the entire rule; SBF 110:7 Regler för brandlarmanläggning (SBF 110:7 Rules for fire alarm systems) and parts of the Swedish Fire Protection Association’s recommendation Utrymningslarm 2015 (Evacuation Alarm 2015) have been merged into a common rule.

Consideration has also been taken of standards and technical specifications that have been published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

This edition replaces SBF 110:7 Regler för brandlarmanläggning and Utrymningslarm 2015 and is applicable as of 1 July 2017. SBF 110:7 Regler för brandlarmanläggning and Utrymningslarm 2015 will be withdrawn 1 July 2018.

Rules for fire alarm systems have been issued by the insurance industry in Sweden ever since the 1930s. Since 2001, the rules have been issued by the Swedish Fire Protection Association. The intention of the rules and standards is to set quality and safety levels that can be generally applied by the parties concerned.

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