(utgående) E-norm SBF 128 Guidelines for fixed automatic fire suppression systems on buses and coaches

Increasingly stringent environmental standards are being placed on today’s buses in terms of noise and emissions. This means that engine spaces are increasingly enclosed and the installed equipment such as silencers and particulate filters have worse cooling, increasing the risk of fire.

These guidelines, SBF 128:3, regulating permanently mounted automatic fire suppression systems on buses, and the regulations adopted by the EU, ECE R 107-6, which require automatic fire suppression systems on all buses as of 2021, do not agree with each other, but do not conflict, which means that fire suppression systems on buses need to be designed according to both SBF 128:3 and ECE R 107-6. Depending on the bus category, the requirements according to ECE R 107-6 begin to apply as of June 2018.

The guidelines stipulate that buses and coaches with a total weight of 10 tons or above, delivered after January 1 of 2004 be equipped with a fire suppression system in the engine compartment. This is a prerequisite for taking out fire insurance.

Guidelines SBF 128 regulate the design and technical specifications of the systems and further states the requirements of the companies that supply and install them.


Fire suppression system requirements
Care and maintenance

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