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The Swedish Fire Protection Association, SFPA

The Swedish Fire Protection Association – which is known in Swedish as Brandskyddsföreningen Sverige – is a non-profit association. Our vision is “a Sweden with greater fire safety”.

The work undertaken by SFPA covers  a broad field of activities including production of printed materials and dissemination of information, management and administration of training programmes, as well as supplying all manner of extensive experience and competence in these areas. Since its foundation in 1919, the association has played a vital role in on-going fire protection efforts. SFPA and its 22 Regional Fire Protection Associations co-operate under a joint trademark.

SFPA has an important function as a pressure group exercising influence on politicians, industry and commerce, public organisations and private individuals to actively prevent damage by fire. SFPA works closely with important groups in society. Among others the municipal safety services, insurance companies, representatives for commerce and industry, and public service.

If you would like to view some of our information material regarding a fire proof home we recommend our Good Advice, which is translated into several languages.

Secretary General Anders Bergqvist

phone: +46 8 588 474 10

Address, etc

Postal address:
The Swedish Fire Protection Association
Box 47244
SE-100 74 Stockholm

Visitors address:
Årstaängsvägen 21 C, Stockholm

+46 8 588 474 00

+46 8 662 35 07